​Get Paid to Recycle Old Electronics Now!

We can pick up conveniently from your location at the time of your choice.

​Our nearby heroes are ready to collect!

We provide convenient, fast, good value for recyclables

​Amount of electronics to recycle too small for competitors to come and collect (they require 25-50 items, but we only require 5 items for free pickup.

​Convenient, Fast, Rewarding. Payment by cash or e-wallet (instant gratification).

​They deserve to be rewarded for doing the right thing (i.e. not polluting the planet).

Why trust ERTH?

​Because we have 99% acceptance rate, we accept almost all orders and come at the time fo their choice.

European Union

Malaysia Chamber of Commerce: Best Environmental Impact (SME)

​United Nations

​International Youth Innovation Conference Winner

​Malaysian Government Recognized:

​Cyberview Top 5 Startup


​NUS Social Innovation Challenge Top 3 Malaysia

​Recipient of MIGHT Grant

​(Prime Minister’s Department)

Services We Offer

​​Free Pickup

​​​At least 5 qualified electronic waste devices

​​Paid Pickup

​​Less than 5 devices, or disposal for bulky devices (RM20/unit)

​E-waste Collection Box

​RM100 allows any organization to offer convenient e-waste collection on-site

​B2B Enterprise Solution

​We manage the recycling station of a large enterprise.

​​Competitors will only come for minimum 25 devices.
Also, our biggest competitor pays ⅓-½ of what we pay for recyclables.

​How It Works?

Step 1

Fill in booking form (takes 1 minute)

Step ​2

​Give items to our collection hero (2 hour collection window)

Step ​3

​Receive payment
(3 hours max till payment)

OPTIONAL: Receive 10% bonus reward if wrote a good review ;)

Why Choose ERTH?

“I can get a better deal from the recycling factory direct”

- YES, but you have to do all the hard work and carry the heavy stuff, drive to the location and then negotiate. Who has time to do that!

“I don’t trust what they do with my data”

​- We only deal with licensed recovery plants who must follow strict government policy on data destruction and privacy.

​“You pickup small items free, but why do I have to pay for bulky items!”

​- Because small items have a high recycling value, while big items require us to pay extra manpower to safely carry them away. We still charge the lowest rates on the market for bulky items (our competitors will charge you double or more).

​How Erth Helps?

  • ​Quick cash reward estimator: Can we provide you a list of cash rewards and build a calculator with their estimated cash reward? Show how many heroes are near their address and estimated pickup time.
  • ​Transparency, trust, integrity
  • ​Get Paid to Recycle Right Now, 30+ heroes within 10km from you ready to collect right now!

​Recycle your electronic waste and get paid

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